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Neck and Back Pain




Back and neck pain causes

The causes of back and neck pain can vary considerably. Patients with either type of pain may experience issues because of an injury to soft tissues, such as a muscle strain. Either type of pain can also occur because of problems with the patient’s posture or the alignment of the spine. In addition, structural problems and certain chronic medical conditions can also cause back or neck pain. Structural problems that may cause pain include bone spurs and herniated discs in the neck or back. The most common chronic condition that causes neck and/or back pain is arthritis.


Back and neck pain treatment

The providers at Acupuncture Healing Center learn as much as possible about the patient’s symptoms and then develops a treatment plan customized to meet their needs. This treatment plan will include some combination of acupuncture, massage therapy, cupping therapy, and natural medicine. The goal of treatment isn’t only to alleviate the patient’s pain but to improve the overall health of the neck or back.


Who is a good candidate for neck or back pain treatment?


Most patients with neck or back pain will benefit from our treatments, but some patients’ pain may be related to a serious condition that requires more invasive treatment. We will be able to determine whether conservative care is appropriate for each patient.


How soon will patients gain relief from pain?


When patients receive treatment at Acupuncture Healing Center, they may notice some relief after only a few sessions. However, most patients will need to attend several sessions to reach their full potential.


Are our treatment methods safe?


Our Acupuncturists uses a range of non-invasive and minimally-invasive treatment methods to address patients’ back and neck pain. These treatments are generally safe. 

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