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Stop Smoking


Are you ready to quit smoking?


Is it time to slow down on the alcohol or would you like to stop altogether?  Acupuncture can help you quit without using other drugs to do so.  Acupuncture takes the cravings away and replaces them with a wonderful feeling of well-being. 


Acupuncture, what is it?


Acupuncture is the world’s oldest medical science.  It has been around for over 3,000 years.  Auricular (ear) acupuncture is a more recent modality, having been created and perfected in this century by both Chinese and French physicians who were seeking new techniques in pain control. 


How does it work?


Chinese medical science holds that there is an extensive and complex energy system that flows throughout the human body along 12 main meridians and more than a dozen lesser meridians.  When this stream flows freely, the body is in balance and healthy.  Interruptions and blockages in these normally free-flowing energy streams cause stagnation, illness, disease and discomfort.  Simply stated, the needles are inserted to get energy flowing freely and restore balance to the body.  In terms of western medicine, acupuncture creates healing changes in the hormonal, nervous and vascular systems.


Why do you use auricular (ear) acupuncture to treat addictions?


The NADA (National Acupuncture Detoxification Association) Protocol, consisting of 5 auricular acupuncture points, was accidentally discovered in the early 1970’s by a Chinese Doctor, Dr. H.L. Wen when he was researching the effects of using points in the ear for post surgical pain.  Dr. Wen discovered that the acupuncture relieved opiate withdrawal symptoms.  The protocol was then developed to what it is today at the Lincoln Hospital in South Bronx, NY.


What are the effects of the NADA protocol?


  1. Marked reduction in the craving for substances.  This is invariably reported during the first few days of treatment.  After the 5th day a person is almost always free of their cravings.

  2. Sense of well-being, relaxation and improved sleeping patterns.  This is accompanied by a stimulation and strengthening of particular organ systems, notably the kidney, liver and lungs to aid in detoxification.

  3. Reduction and eventual elimination of all withdrawal symptoms ranging from nausea, shakiness and sweaty palms to irritability, fear and anger.

  4. Restoration of rational thinking and general improvement in health making it possible to accept the benefits of counseling and group experiences if needed.


What are the auricular points used?


Shenmen or Spirit Gate – used for calming and relaxing

Sympathetic – used for relieving tension

Liver – used to detoxify, as well as to relax and relieve anger

Kidney – used to strengthen and tone the body

Lung – used to help respiration, as well as detoxify