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Steve D.

My right lower back was in extreme pain - Sciatica nerve pinch. At 4:00 am I went to the emergency room and was issued steroids and pain medicine. This helped slightly on my pain - still could not stand or walk. I then went to a chiropractor who gave me slight relieve for a few hours. Then back to the chiropractor for x rays and more work. It helped me for a few hours and then the pain continued. I  had been told to try acupuncture - not familiar with the practice. I made an appointment with Dr Dumas and she was very thorough on the front end to  understand my issues. Dr Dumas talked through what we were going to move forward with and started treatment. The environment was calming as the treatment was applied. My first visit was a move in the right direction - I had experienced great relief. I came back for my second treatment and again walked out feeling relief and able to walk.My third visit I was completely healed with my pinched nerve -  I also felt very calm from my treatments. Dr Dumas then told me my treatment was complete and nothing further was needed. That was amazing to me! If your needing relief on an issue I HIGHLY recommend Dr Dumas. Very professional and honest. She listens and shares the treatments being applied. Thank you Dr Dumas for your kindness, caring - and relief.

Edie C.

I wanted to let you know how grateful I am to you for introducing me to your detox and weight loss program.  I not only lost 30 pounds in the 40 day program, but feel wonderful!  It has been a struggle in the past with the unwanted fat that is so very hard to get rid of once you start to accumulate it in areas that it just does NOT belong.  I believe in the DesBio detox and the HCG2 drops along with your guidance and the acupuncture, together I have obtained and maintained me desired weight. I would highly recommend the program and your services to everyone I know.   Thank you, thank you thank you!

Michael V.

I went into the hospital for colon surgery. Prior to entering the hospital I received acupuncture treatments from Shaun Dumas to prepare my body for surgery. I was informed by my nurse that the normal hospital stay for this type of surgery was 7 to 10 days and I was discharged after only 4 days. My only explanation for this is the pre-surgery acupuncture treatment I received. Post surgery I received treatments from Shaun for wound healing and scar tissue. My incision healed perfect and in a very short time frame. This is incredible considering that I am an insulin dependent diabetic. To anyone having any type of major surgery I would strongly recommend pre and post surgery acupuncture treatments.

Diane S.

A unique style of acupuncture, but more noteworthy is Shaun Dumas’ keen abilities to hone in on accurate and precise points. My first treatment with Shaun made me realize that there are striking differences in acupuncturist styles arid treatments. Her style is unique in that she goes directly to the cause and then takes the treatment to another level with her intention. I felt the impact of her treatment immediately. I left amazed, knowing that I found a gifted healer.

Sue S.

I first met Shaun Dumas at a networking luncheon and listened to her speak with such confidence and knowledge that I was excited to try Acupuncture for the first time. I am a diabetic … diagnosed 30+ years ago … and am suffering from complications of the disease. I first came to Shaun to treat the neuropathy in my legs. The results were amazing … the burning subsided and my circulation was much improved. The physical improvements were enough but I got the bonus of a spiritual and peaceful feeling every time I left the office. Her knowledge of nutrition and herbs is superb. Shaun has put me in a healthier place both physically and mentally.